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Strategic Plan

Mission of the Strategic Plan: 2014 Core Values 

Connect and Engage the MRC membership in ways that will Inspire and Empower leadership, innovation and action- all based on a commitment to organizational excellence and effectiveness- that leads to the sustained economic prosperity of our membership and the Meadowlands region.

Theory and Overview: 

The Meadowlands Regional Chamber has established itself as a credible and growing organization dedicated to providing its membership with an array of benefits that allow networking, relationship building, business education and promotional opportunities.

Our public affairs advocacy has become a hallmark of this organization as we have filled a leadership vacuum on critical issues facing the Meadowlands region. This advocacy provides the membership with representation and a voice that may not otherwise be heard.

The Meadowlands Sports Complex is still the epicenter of economic activity and can provide renewed regional investment and job growth with the successful redevelopment of the entire complex as a nucleus. The Chamber itself, as an operating business, has grown substantially in the past few years and requires a focused business plan to continue on this path of growth and financial stability as we need to invest in plant, technology and human capital.

This strategic plan will identify ongoing goals that have become part of our “Advocacy DNA” as well as newly defined objectives that have been identified. The strategic planning process undertaken by the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the MRC has spanned all of 2010. Multiple sessions facilitated by a team of two collaborating strategic planning consultants met with committee chairs, the general membership, the management team staff and the Board leadership to identify not only the goals but also layers of obstacles and solutions which will lead to the successful implementation of this strategic plan. This document will guide the MRC through 2015 with the plan outlining Critical Goal Categories, Specific Goals, Action/Tactics, Implementation Timelines and designated staff / committee responsibility. Specific Goals will be outlined periodically by the MRC Executive Committee with success and completion being documented. Lastly, the plan focuses on the core values that comprise the mission of our Chamber--Membership Success, Economic Development Advocacy, Community Catalyst and Organizational Excellence.

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