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Education & Workforce Development

The Chamber has among its top priority the advancement of Education and Workforce Development as we know that a high quality workforce is necessary to retain and attract businesses to the Meadowlands region. The Meadowlands Regional Chamber's Education & Workforce Development Committee  facilitates information exchanges designed to improve the current and future employee pool available to regional businesses. Through committee programs business expresses its entry level needs and training preferences which are then matched with programs currently available in the region. If gaps exist, the committee works with the region’s colleges and universities to develop new programs. In addition to having a committee which has members from business, education and government, the committee conducts frequent surveys and symposia.

The Meadowlands Regional Chamber recognizes that it takes great partnerships to be effective at advancing important Education initiatives as we connect the business community our colleges and Universities and also with Workforce Development agencies, therefore we are proud to partner with the following entities in our day to day activity.

Bergen County Workforce Investment Board

Hudson County Workforce Investment Board offers both businesses and job-seekers a quick and easy portal to the vast and previously scattered assortment of state and federal programs designed to assist them both with training, financial assistance and employment advice. It also contains OnRamp, a robust state-of-the-art search engine that will upload and even create resumes for job-seekers to reach thousands of employers, notify job-seekers of matches via e-mail and rank those connections. New Jersey businesses will find an improved ability to fill key positions through OnRamp’s “cloning”process. Employers need only list the exact skills they need in an employee and the artificial intelligence behind OnRamp will find exact matches because the system searches talents, not job titles.

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