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Technology Committee

"Making Technology Simple, One Member At A Time"

We are a RESOURCE for the membership. 

If you have any tech questions, please contact us at  

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To help enable MRC members to utilize available and emerging technology tools to advance individual business operations.

Our Vision:

To provide technology support and guidance to the membership at large and emerge as the most technologically advanced Chamber within our region through educational mediums and information based events.

Mission Statement:

A group of members who have a collective technology expertise, whose purpose is to assist the general membership, the administrative and management staff of the Meadowlands Chamber in taking advantage of the latest and greatest technology hardware, software and gadgets’ that help all the chamber members save time and money to become more efficient, productive and profitable.


The Technology Committee will become a resource to the MRC and will be the “Go To” Committee for all chamber members’ seeking technology solutions.

The Technology Committee collectively:

  • Understands technology and how it can enhance your business
  • Utilizes or markets the technology they may be addressing
  • Translates technology so it is understandable in laymen’s terms.
Key components to include Education, Community, Networking and Mentoring
Meeting Date:
The Technology Committee meets the third Tuesday of every month at 8:45am.


Committee Expertise List:
Technology Consulting Lifecycle Management Digtial Marketing 
Gap Analysis Helpdesk & Remote Assistance Website Design, Development & Hosting
Project Management Cloud Applications & Solutions SEO
Operating & Network Systems Compliance Social Media Consulting
Anti Malware Information Security Creative Communication Technologies
Active Directory Isolated & Secure Wifi Interactive Programming
Software Selectrion & Integration Firewalls Photoshop & Illustrator
CRM Software Servers App Development
EHR Software Network Administration Video Production & Editing
Databases Computer, Latops, etc Maintenance Tech VEndor Management
Technology Committee Co-Chair Contact Information
Name Company Phone
 Peter Krautle Louisa Voice (914) 417-2270
John Ruiz Safari Telecom (201) 934-7400