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Small Business Council

Co-ChairsEric Estevez 201.575.1429. Willie Tolbert 973.277.1752


To provide support to small businesses and facilitate their development of relationships that will enhance their growth and success. 

Vision and Mission Summary:

To make a “big deal” out of small businesses:

  • to promote recognition that small businesses are the backbone of New Jersey’s economy
  • and to attract as many such businesses as possible to the Meadowlands Regional Chamber.

By harnessing our collective resources, energy, and experience, we can increase our stake in the Meadowlands region and assist the chamber in achieving its overall mission.

We strive to pursue initiatives which will provide Small Business Council members with information, education, and opportunities for relationship building and marketing to help ensure their economic viability.

Meetings & Events: 

The Small Business Council meets the second Friday of every month at 8:30am.