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Member of the Month, January 2016

Ruggles & Ruggles LLC (aka "Ruggles^2") is a full-service, management consulting firm engaged to help you increase your profits (private sector) or revenues (public sector) by showing you how to work smarter, not just harder. We employ tools and techniques taken from Lean Enterprise, Business Process Improvement, Project Portfolio Management, Program Management, Project Management, Business Analysis, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, and Agile/Scrum to help you produce outcomes that are better, faster, and less costly than ever before. Our certified professionals can provide your organization with a No Cost/No Obligation Business Assessment so that you'll know how effectively and efficiently your current resources are being deployed and how you can optimize them by as much as 75%!  We do so by helping you hear the "voice of the customer" and helping you identify one or more of the "8 Wastes" that typically interfere with any organization's work performance. Overcome your business struggles with Ruggles^2 TODAY!  

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