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Retention Committee

Committee Chairs:  



To reenergize members by re-introducing them to the vast opportunities and benefits of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber



  • The objective of this committee is to welcome returning members back to the chamber at the time they are renewing their dues.
  • The committee will work with renewals after the first and second year.
  • We will work towards identifying those companies whose involvement in the chamber is less than the average.
  • We will get them reengaged by working with them similar to the way the Ambassadors work with a new member.
  • We will help populate the committee’s with new participants.


Committee Plan:

  • Recognition: At the MRCC Annual meeting we will recognize members who are renewing on 5th year intervals (5, 10, 15, 20 …..)
  • Invite renewal members to the New Member Mixers
  • Provide new plaques and pins when necessary
  • Guide renewal members towards a committee of interest


Committee Goals:

  • Achieve a MRCC 95% renewal rate
  • Increase members on committees with increased involvement by renewing members by 5%
  • Increase overall MRCC participation by the renewal members 10%
  • Increase Social Media awareness and participation from the renewal members by 5%
  • Improve contact information in all chamber directories


Keys to Success:

  • A committee made up of members of the board, chamber office and representatives of every committee. The diversity of member interest in the Retention Committee will make it easy when pairing a committee member to a renewal member.
  • A good reporting system
  • A good follow up system
  • Open communication between the chamber, committee and renewal member

Meeting Dates:

The Retention Committee meets quarterly through out the year.