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Nonprofit Committee

Co-Chairs: Kendra Jones 201.966.8960, Jeffrey Ware 201.916.8496


- To encourage and support area nonprofits by providing resources, guidance and visibility.

- To connect community-based organizations – which are both consumers and providers of service/expertise  -  with Chamber business members. 



The Meadowlands Regional Chamber Nonprofits Committee will be a leader in strengthening the areas nonprofit community and the catalyst in establishing vibrant and productive relationships between the nonprofit and for-profit members of the Chamber. 


Mission Statement:

The Nonprofit Committee will provide opportunities for professional development designed to strengthen area nonprofit organizations; provide a forum for nonprofit organizations to share best practices; provide opportunities to network and form collaborative relationships with for-profit Chamber members; and provide visibility for the issues and causes being addressed by area nonprofit organizations.



The Non-Profit Committee recognizes that non-profits are a valuable asset to both communities and businesses. We value the significant economic impact of area nonprofits, including provision of goods and services, employment and the purchase of goods and services.



The committee will undertake the following goals and projects:

- To recruit area nonprofit organizations to become members of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce;

- To encourage and increase involvement of the Chamber’s nonprofit members with the organization;

- To stimulate interaction and collaboration between the Chamber’s nonprofit and for-profit members

- To solicit and produce content for Community Voice, a quarterly electronic newsletter focusing on the Chamber’s nonprofit community

- To work in partnership with the Healthcare Committee to present Lunch for Love each February, proceeds of which benefit members of the Chamber’s Nonprofit Committee

- To hold an annual networking event

- To provide professional development workshops that focus on strengthening nonprofit organizations; and

- To act as a resource for all members of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber.