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Emerging Leaders Network

ELN HEader

Committee Chairs:


The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is a committee focused on strengthening and expanding the business connections and leadership skills of all chamber members, particularly those who are age 45 and under.

Our Vision: 

The ELN Committee is focused on strengthening and expanding the business connections of all Chamber members, particularly those that are 45 years and under. This is done through hosting professional development workshops and quality networking events. Event information is available on the Meadowlands Regional Chamber website. 

Mission Statement:

The Meadowlands Regional Chamber’s Emerging Leaders Network will provide professional guidance to help forge and mentor the future business leaders of the meadowlands region.  


ELN Committee Members are active Meadowlands Regional Chamber members who participate in ELN functions and activities, attend monthly committee meetings, and are primarily in the age group of 45 and under. Members are proven advocates and supporters of the ELN committee in both its functions and overall efforts.  Members are recruited to help in the execution & fulfillment of the ELN committee’s purpose, vision, and mission. Candidates must have been a chamber member for over a year and be in good standing with the Chamber in regards to their personal dues/ invoices.


The Emerging Leaders Network will monitor its progress of achieving its Goals through the following items:
  • Organize two to three educational networking events annually
  • Host one to two afterhours events for business networking annually
  • Annual selection of a nonprofit Chamber member to support in a fundraising event, through creating a Meadowlands team, soliciting donations, and recruiting walkers.
  • Assist multiple local universities with mentoring opportunities for students
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