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BCB Community Bank

Member of the Month, May 2017

BCB is a flourishing community bank founded on the pillars of integrity, hard-work, and local involvement. Founded in 2001, the bank has constantly strived towards providing the best service for our customers. A wide variety of checking, savings, and loan products are available to best serve each and every customer with whatever banking need they may have; our branch representatives are knowledgeable and friendly, and are dedicated to making our customers feel at home. We strongly support and work within each community we are a part of: helping small businesses with loans, advising and supporting a family buying a new house, and working with local non-profits to spread the word about their wondrous cause, is just a few of the many great aspects of our bank. BCB believes that a bank should be more than just a place to do business: it should be a place where the heart of a community lies, and where new ideas beckon local neighbors to grow and expand their dreams and businesses.  We have 23 full service branches spread throughout the New Jersey and New York area, and are intent on carrying our mission with us wherever we go.