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Ambassador Committee

Committee Chairs:

Co-Chair - Kelly Schnorrbusch - Red Roof Plus - (201) 319-1000
Co-ChairDon Dazzo - (201) 939-9416


To support the Meadowlands Regional Chamber in enhancing membership benefits to strengthen the “value proposition.”

Our Vision:

To assist the Meadowlands Regional Chamber in reaching its ongoing membership goal through promoting general membership services. This will be accomplished by assisting new members in becoming acclimated to the organization through committees and events. In addition, the Ambassador committee will be helping members in tqhe renewal process to establish a long lasting Meadowlands Regional Chamber relationship.

Mission Statement:

The Ambassador Committee’s mission is to provide all new members of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber with the best membership experience; thus maximizing & utilizing their new member investment. The ambassador’s mission is to direct new members to appropriate committees, events, and centers of influence ensuring a best fit.


MRC Ambassadors are enthusiastic outgoing members who have demonstrated continual support of the Meadowlands Regional Chamber. Meadowlands Regional Chamber Ambassadors are able to commit their time to the achieve their Ambassador duties & obligations; in addition to their involvement of at least one committee in addition to being an Ambassador. Meadowlands Regional Chamber ambassadors must have been a member for over a year and be in good standing with the Chamber with regards to their personal dues/ invoices. 


The Ambassador Committee will monitor its progress of achieving its Goals through the following items:

  • Maximize Meadowlands Regional Chamber member retention.
  • Utilize a reporting process to ensure that new members are becoming involved with committees & events
  • Continue new member mixers twice a year to introduce new members to committee chairs and board members.
  • Periodically monitor the percentage of active members to ensure an increase in member involvement.
  • To grow the ambassador committee with quality member.
  • As the committee grows we will establish new procedures to assist the Meadowlands Regional Chamber in increasing renewal & referral rates/percentages.

Meeting Dates:

The Ambassador Committe alternates between phone calls and face to face meetings the last tuesday of each month at 9am.


Ambassador Committee List  

Name                                        Organization                                                               Phone

Bob Kilroy   Jewel Electric Supply Co. (201) 653-1613
Don Dazzo  Premier Staffing Group (201) 939-9416
Sandie Pardey NJM Insurance (609) 883-1300
James Brown  James D. Brown, CPA (201) 357-5228
Joe Min Meadowlands Area YMCA (201) 955-5300
Kelly Schnorrbusch Red Roof Inn Plus (201) 319-1000
Judith L. Singer-Barber  Suburban General Insurance Agency (201) 845-6900
Lauren Turiello  The Social Scene (201) 679-3463
Marcelo Galarza  M Awards Plus, LLC (201) 349-5618
Nick Pascarella  Novomni (201) 262-4192
Robert Menaker
Maxum Cigars  (201) 291-2620
Vincent Morelli VMM Benefits Inc. - AFLAC  (201) 697-0203
Chris Burbach Spencer Savings Bank (201) 460-8530
Paul Tomomasset Wells Fargo (201) 397-1465
Pat Roque Business Boomers (973) 809-4445
Debbie Woods ConnectOne Bank (201) 816-8900
Lori Walker March of Dimes (973) 882-0700
Ryan Buchmuller Unique Event Center (201) 880-5025