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September 2017 — Unique Event Center

Unique Event Center was created to offer an opportunity for any host to communicate with one person and organize every detail of their event.  It provides a less stressful planning process and ultimately an overall excellent experience.  Our company is capable of offering all vendor services for any event of any size.  A true "One-Stop-Shop" put together to make certain your event is a success.

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The Meadowlands Regional 2040 Foundation was established to advance the economic well being of the Greater Meadowlands Region.  Leadership    and    vision    are necessary to ensure we can sustain and grow an economy and  a  quality  of  life  here  through  the year 2040. The Meadowlands Regional Chamber, an economic development advocate for over 40 years will unveil Meadowlands Vision 2040, a comprehensive blueprint to leverage the existing assets and investment in the region and promote business growth and business attraction. 

This Thought Leaders Conference, will ignite and inspire bold ideas and will be a platform for the Meadowlands Regional Chamber and the Meadowlands 2040 Foundation to reveal our long term vision for the region. 


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